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Placed: 14/02/2015

Left By: Adam Edwards

One of the most horrible and degrading experiences I've had to endure. Being made to wait outside on the street whilst the delivery driver was rude and abusive to me\t refusing to give me my food I had paid for; whilst I had to call the takeaway multiple times. I will unfortunately be avoiding what was once a great place and advising everyone I know to do the same. AVOID!!!

Overall: star 2 star 3

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Placed: 31/08/2014

Left By: Adam Edwards

Unfortunately\t up until a while back\t all of these review levels would have been either excellent\t or good. But I'm afraid for some reason\t Dixy have taken to trying to force me to come out to street level (sometimes in the rain) when previously they have delivered to my door without a problem. There is ample (free) parking available right in front of the building. I also only live up one set of stairs as well. The reason I order takeaway is when I don't feel able to get up and walk around (having arthritis) and find it abominable for a delivery driver to\t quite frankly\t be quite rude and abrupt at my door; Stating that next time I MUST come down to the street as he and the manager say so (this was after my first attempt at ordering was declined by the restaurant due to being 'busy'). Sorry\t but until I get takeaway to my door\t I won't be ordering again!

Overall: star 2 star 3 star 4

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