San Tonino

Placed: 03/10/2021

Left By: Katherine

Simply the worst Italian EVER!! on collection we find out there’s no 2nd serving of onion rings no way to refund my card and no cash to give so substitute was two cokes!! Ok bad start we gratefully received our order stacked in a old wine box (should have really guessed this wasn’t going to be the best birthday take out at this point maybe) we serve the meat ball starter and wow it’s lovely we look to the two portions of garlic mushrooms not terrible but honestly not as described or a delicious as one was hoping passable at best considering the price we were expecting good things! Finally for our starters the garlic and cheese focaccia definitely wasn’t as described cheesy garlic pizza base would have been accurate again passable at best!!! So we move on hoping to salvage at least some part of the birthday treat sides two onion ring portions (of which we only received one on collection) and two portions of chips well man alive how can you get this so WONG the onion rings were breaded not tempura battered as demonstrated in the images no salad not dip they in fact were INEDIBLE breaded and black yuck simply yuck! The chips were swimming in grease and anaemic in colour . THE MAINS well let’s start with the pizza it was passable not as described but passable the risotto was well bland would be the politest term completely In edible it was nothing as described on the menu and included a few additional items such as mushy asparagus not pea the spaghetti carbonara well spaghetti cream and bacon ENOUGH SAID here I think!! And the worst most disgusting main THE LASAGNE!!!!! Wow ok it was bland and covered in a creamy peach coloured sauce no seasoning nothing rich and comforting about this one absolutely disgusting I’m saddened to say, we spoke to the management and received £50 refund from our £96 bill (4 eating takeout for birthday party) shocking disappointing and utterly disgusting .

Overall: star 2

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Placed: 22/06/2021

Left By: Krasimir

Food was warm, fresh and verry delicious, certainly recommend and will be treating myself again !

Overall: star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star 6

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